T.L.Turner & Associates has long experience in the procurement and arranging transportation of all manner of food and beverages from all around Australia for consolidation at point of loading for export.

The Brisbane warehouse is bonded and is an AQIS registered establishment for meat, dairy and seafood with facilities of freezer, chiller and general storage. Loading for both sea and air are carried out in temperature controlled conditions with on site trucking for delivery to airport and wharf. All loadings are supervised by T.L.Turner & Associates.

For perishable food stuffs T.L.Turner & Associates sends freight without in transit trans-shipment on unit load devices (ULD) using AV, DQF, ALE, PIP air containers that are lined or have contents over-wrapped with foil insulation. In transit, cold temperature is maintained with dry ice spread between products within the load. Semi-perishable foods and non-perishable foods can be co-loaded to form a consolidation of mixed products and, wherever possible, the aim is to load to maximum permitted cubic or mass container capacity so as to reduce air freight cost to the minimum possible.

Chilled or frozen perishable foods products are loaded to 20′ or 40′ sea freight containers for direct shipping line or trans-shipment by the most effective route and at best available rate. Refrigerated cargo may be of single or consolidated products and, depending on temperature requirement, may be set anywhere between 0ºC to -30ºC. For wine and other temperature sensitive products that may not require refrigeration, general purpose containers can be pre-booked to be loaded below ships decks away from extremes of ambient temperature fluctuation.

In addition to non-perishable foods and beverages frozen and/or chilled perishable food products are regularly exported on skids as loose cargo air freight. This service gives flexibility to customers who require products in limited quantities and at the most economical rate.

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